Online Passport Agents in Kandivali

We cannot stress enough the importance of a passport. An important identification of our citizenship, a passport is also the foremost significant thing when it comes to travel by flight. 

Be it about getting a new passport, renewal of passport, or any other passport-related services, the SmotPro India Pvt Ltd company is here to get it all done hassle-free. Our dedicated team of professionals holds expertise in the domain and they leave no stone unturned in making your experience with us a pleasant one.

Leading Online Passport Agents in Kandivali

We help organisations and people apply for visas to every country in the world, giving expert advice, comprehensive pre-screening, and outstanding consulting. We also offer same-day passport renewals and applications for a second passport. We process approximately 20,000 applications per year, all of which are guaranteed.

Benefits of Availing Online Passport Agents in Kandivali

Door-to-door services: Trying to figure out the entire process of getting a passport on your own might be time-consuming. Furthermore, if you are applying for a passport for the first time, you may miss out on something. As a result, hire passport agencies in Kandivali to have your passport created quickly. An individual from the agency will gather all of the relevant information. You will also be kept informed about all procedures on a regular basis.

Speed: We value our clients’ time, thus we ensure that the issuance of your passport takes as little time as possible. Passport agencies will provide you with a dedicated team of professionals that will keep track of your passport status.

Reliability: Reliability: Obtaining a passport necessitates the submission of a number of important papers. Personal information may be contained in these papers. Passport agents are approved individuals who are responsible for preserving your privacy.

Services we Provide in Kandivali

Fresh passport: You can get a new passport quickly with the help of our professionals.

Renewal of passport: If your passport has expired, we will assist you in renewing it.

Lost passport: In the event that you lose your passport, our passport agents in Chennai can help you obtain a replacement.

ECNR passport: if you need to go to another nation for work, we can assist you in obtaining an Emigration Check Not Required passport.

Tatkal passport: Through our passport agents in Kandivali, you can get a passport on an urgent basis.

Damaged passport: You can also apply for a passport in case it has been damaged.

Minor passport: we will assist you n obtaining a minor passport ( under 18 years of age) passport.

Connect with us today itself! With our massive range of passport services, we will be more than happy to take you on board. 

Frequently asked questions

1.  How soon will I get the passport after applying?

As per the Ministry of External Affairs, once you submit all the documentation work at the PSK, the passport will reach you in 30 days.

2. Can I apply for a tatkal passport through online passport agents in Kandivali?

Sure, you can apply for a tatkal passport through online passport agents in Kandivali. You can connect with us through the official website. 

3. What happens if I lose my passport?

There’s no need to panic in case you have lost your passport. Just connect with the nearest passport office or the Indian Mission. Our team of professionals will help you re-issue it.

4. Will I have to visit the passport office after applying online?

Yes, after submitting the application in online mode, all the documents will be submitted in the passport office. You will have to visit the passport office regarding the same.

5. How much does it cost to apply for a passport?

Check the table below to know the charges:

Category Regular fee (in rs)Tatkal fee (in rs)
Fresh passport with a validity of 10 years (36 pages)15002000
Fresh passport with a validity of 10 years (60 years) 20002000
Fresh passport for minors with a validity of 5 years (36 pages)10002000
Replacement of passport (36 pages)30002000
Replacement of passport (60 pages)35002000