The Henley Passport Index for 2024 is out, giving us the lowdown on the best passports for worldwide travel. Guess what? India has moved up to 80th place, and that’s a step higher than last year’s 84th position. Now, holding an Indian passport means you can go to 62 cool places without dealing with visa fuss.

How India Compares to Neighbors:

Let’s check out our neighbors: Maldives is at 58, China at 62, Bhutan at 87, Myanmar at 92, Sri Lanka at 96, Bangladesh at 97, and Nepal at 98. So, our passport is holding its own in South Asia.

What the Rankings Mean:

The Henley Passport Index looks at how easy it is for passport holders to travel without getting a visa first. They give each passport a score, and the higher, the better. Top dogs like France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Spain have a perfect score of 194, meaning they can go to 194 places without visa hassles. On the flip side, Afghanistan’s passport is at the bottom with just 28 destinations.

Good News for Indian Travelers:

With India moving up, it’s great news for all of us who love exploring new places. More countries are welcoming Indian passport holders, making it easier for us to plan our dream vacations.

What Passport Agent In Mumbai Can Do for You:

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In a Nutshell:

India’s passport is getting stronger, and that means more travel opportunities for us. So, whether you dream of sipping coconut water in the Maldives or exploring the Great Wall of China, your Indian passport can take you there. Ready for your next adventure? Passport Agent In Mumbai has your back!