Dreaming of exploring Nepal’s beauty? Before you pack, let’s cover the basics of passports and visas for your stress-free adventure!

Is a Passport Required for Visiting Nepal?

Yes, every Indian traveler needs a valid passport to visit Nepal. While it’s a neighboring country with friendly ties, having a passport ensures a smooth and secure journey.

Why Nepal for a Quick Getaway?

Nepal’s rich culture, stunning places like Lumbini and Kathmandu, and friendly people make it a fantastic destination. Don’t forget to try local dishes like Dal Bhat and enjoy thrilling treks!

Passport Tips for Indian Travelers

Even though India and Nepal are close, every Indian traveler needs a valid passport. Forget the confusion—whether you use a passport or an election card, make sure to submit the right application to the immigration office.

Visa Made Easy for Indian Explorers

At Tribhuvan International Airport, getting a Visa on Arrival is simple:

  1. Fill the ‘Arrival Card.’
  2. Complete the online ‘Tourist Visa’ form for a barcode receipt.
  3. Pay the visa fee at the bank based on your stay duration.
  4. Head to the Immigration Desk with your docs for quick processing.

Budget-Friendly Visa Fees for Indian Tourists:

  • ₹2,500 (15 days)
  • ₹4,000 (30 days)
  • ₹10,000 (90 days)

Stay Legal, Avoid Headaches

Traveling without a passport or visa? That could mean embassy detention. Pan Card or Aadhar Card won’t work. Keep your passport renewed to avoid visa issues.

Smart Money Move: Passport Agent Assistance

Maximize your experience with a Passport Agent. They make the process smooth. No need to worry about complicated steps. They’re your travel helper.

Wrap-Up Your Nepal Prep

Now that you’re informed, submit your visa application early, carry passport copies, and explore Nepal responsibly. Consider a Passport Agent for an easy journey. Bon voyage!