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Can You Get a Passport Without a 10th Marksheet

Can You Get a Passport Without a 10th Marksheet?

Obtaining a passport is a significant milestone for many individuals, opening doors to travel, education, and opportunities abroad. However, there’s often confusion surrounding the documentation required, particularly regarding educational certificates like the 10th marksheet. In this blog, we’ll delve into whether a passport can be acquired without a 10th marksheet and explore the process involved. […]


are passport agents trustworthy?

Are Passport Agents Reliable?

Are you contemplating renewing your passport or dealing with intricate visa applications? Navigating the bureaucratic maze of passport-related procedures can be overwhelming. In such situations, many individuals turn to passport agents for assistance. However, a common question arises: Are passport agents trustworthy? Let’s delve into this query and explore the factors to consider when seeking […]