In 2024, opportunities for visa-free travel are opening up for Indian passport holders, offering a world of exploration without the hassle of visa applications. These destinations beckon with their diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and unique experiences. Here’s our guide to the top 10 visa-free countries you can explore with ease:

  1. Bhutan: Marvel at the Land of the Thunder Dragon’s snow-capped peaks and vibrant monasteries with a 14-day visa-free stay.
  2. Nepal: Discover the majestic Mount Everest and immerse yourself in Nepal’s rich culture without the need for a visa.
  3. Mauritius: Lose yourself in the tropical paradise of Mauritius, where pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters await you for up to 90 days.
  4. Kenya: Embark on a safari adventure in Kenya’s wildlife reserves with a 90-day visa-free stay.
  5. Malaysia: From the iconic Petronas Twin Towers to lush rainforests, Malaysia invites you for a 30-day visa-free exploration.
  6. Thailand: Indulge in Thailand’s exquisite beaches and vibrant culture with a visa-free stay extended until November 11, 2024.
  7. Dominica: Explore the natural wonders of the “Nature Island” for six months without the hassle of a visa.
  8. Qatar: Experience the futuristic skyline of Doha and immerse yourself in Middle Eastern hospitality with a 30-day visa-free stay.
  9. Sri Lanka: Dive into the rich history and stunning landscapes of Sri Lanka for 30 days, until May 31st, 2024.
  10. Seychelles: Bask in the beauty of the Seychelles’ pristine beaches and underwater wonders with a 30-day visa-free visit.

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Happy travels!